March 11, 2014

Builders’ Jam

Since Levi’s venture into the skateboarding world the mission has been to support projects and to provide passionate people with means to go create. Kingswood and Victor Lieberath Studio connected Levi’s with Builders’ Jam, a week long event in Hannover where crews from all around Europe met up to create a new skate park out of nothing. Pure passion is the driving force behind this project and the result of a week’s work is one of the best DIY spots in Europe.

Documentary Film
Produced by: Kingswood & Goodwind Studio
Filmed and edited by: Mathias Nyholm Schmidt and Simon Weyhe
Graphics by: Victor Lieberath Studio
Music by: Ormen and Jacob Bellens, WSLS Records

The Builders’ Jam Hannover was documented by photographer Thomas Skou, and Kingswood and Victor Lieberath Studio created a newspaper featuring the best shots from the event along with stories and interviews with the key people. The paper was available for free at Levi’s Streetwear retailers across Europe for spring/summer 2013.

Editor: Anders Lund / Kingswood. Art direction and design: Victor Lieberath Studio. Photos: Thomas Skou. Copywriting: Renko Heuer.

Levis_Builders_Jam_01 Levis_Builders_Jam_02 Levis_Builders_Jam_03 Levis_Builders_Jam_04 Levis_Builders_Jam_05 Levis_Builders_Jam_06 Levis_Builders_Jam_07