June 27, 2014

Levi’s #suboard Project


In spring 2013 a group of concrete builders and pro skaters like Chet Childress, Al Partanen, Omar Salazar and Stefan Janoski travelled to India to help Holy Stoked, a local collective build the first free public skatepark in the country. The project was supported by Levi’s Skateboarding and our collaborators Simon Weyhe and Mathias Nyholm were hired to create a documentary about the project.

To promote the Skateboarding in India project, Kingswood and Victor Lieberath Studio created a digital campaign and event concept across Europe starting at CPH PRO with the launch of the film and the global launch of the Levi’s Skateboarding Collection, followed by events in Berlin, Barcelona, Leeds and Paris.

To engage people in the events and to continue the support of the skate project in India, we created a donation concept called #SUBOARD (Support + Skateboard). At events around Europe, skaters were able to donate their used skate gear, which were then sent to the skatepark in India. People were encouraged to post a pic of their donation and hashtag it #SUBOARD which gave them the chance of winning a special pack of goods from Levi’s Skateboarding.

To tie all the events together with the Skateboarding in India project, we imported a “tuk tuk”, the iconic Indian vehicle, and brought it to all the events. We used the tuk tuk as the key visual in all digital and printed communication of the launch and it became a highly recognizable and much documented symbol of the project at the events around Europe. In 2014 Levi’s further developed the concept in the U.S under the name #supportskateboarding.

Watch the full documentary Skateboarding in India by Simon Weyhe and Mathias Nyholm Schmidt.

India image by Jonathan Mehring. Photos by Thomas Skou.

To promote the project online, we chose Kingpin as media partner and launched a campaign sub site which was updated with video, images and text content as well as announcing the winners during the duration of the project. The main Levi’s site featured the project and drove traffic to the campaign site. Have a look at the Levi’s #suboard sub site on Kingpin.



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