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August 15, 2018

Levi’s Skateboarding x Poetic Collective

This summer, Levi’s® Skateboarding and Poetic Collective have teamed up to bring you ‘On Land’. Shot entirely in Stockholm this spring, the clip represents the start of the long-anticipated skate season after a long Swedish winter – the sun is finally out and the skies are clearing. However, traces of winter still linger – gravel that’s spread during winter months can still be seen in heaps around the city. The result is a snapshot of the arrival of spring and what it’s like to skate around the Swedish city surrounded by water. 

The clip features a full Swedish crew geared up in the Levi’s® Skateboarding collection including; Simon Källkvist, Johan Bergljung, Samuel Norgren, Nils Lilja, Peter Johansson, Klas Andersson, and Tom Botwid.

Photos: Paul Botwit

Nils Lilja, Wallride
Johan Bergljung, Kickflip

August 15, 2017

Levi’s x Cph Open 2017

Once again, Levi’s was a sponsor and collaborator for this years Cph Open, and invited riders and media to come to Copenhagen to experience the 4 day contest and all the happy shenanigans. Kingswood helped out with organizing the various Levi’s activities throughout Cph Open with a Levi’s bar at Vesterbro and a press event at Mikkeller Baghaven at Refshaleøen. The press event was followed by a rainy and gnarly contest at the Triangle Spot.

Photos by: Michael Jepsen

August 13, 2015

Levi’s Spot Delivery for Copenhagen Open

Building on the success of the 2014 Levi’s® Skateboarding Spot Delivery Tour, the Levi’s® Skateboarding crew took to the road again for a two month mission to connect with local skate communities, repair existing skate parks and build new DIY spots throughout Europe.

Our wheels for the trip came in the form of a Levi’s® converted double decker bus from 1979, which was stocked complete with bags of concrete, a mixer, all necessary tools and around 30 passionate individuals itching to create exciting builds across the continent.

The team lifted up the kilometer count to 3.500 over the 47 day tour visiting Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Czech Republic and Germany, building 6 new parks in Zurich, Postoijna, Zagreb, Vienna, Dresden and Copenhagen.

Copenhagen was the largest build where by the 30- strong team spread out across an abandoned industrial zone to build the new Levi’s® Skateboarding Triangle DIY Plaza just in time for the annual Cph Open contest.

Check out some of Blair Alley’s great pictures from the inauguration of the Triangle Plaza at the Cph Open Finals and the Spot Delivery documentary by Simon Weyhe.
Cph_Open_2015_Blair_Alley_02Opa Opa OrkestarCph_Open_2015_Blair_Alley_03Overview from the top deck of the busCph_Open_2015_Blair_Alley_04Kevin Bradley – KickflipCph_Open_2015_Blair_Alley_05Luan Oliveira – Backside 360 ollieCph_Open_2015_Blair_Alley_06Dan Plunkett – Hardflip

Photos from: Transworld Skateboarding

February 21, 2015


Where the sun doesn’t shine, like a daydream or a fever, together in the speed of darkness. Like a shimmer in the dark Nordic Winter, Skimret takes you on a journey through the underground, presenting what street skating looks like six months a year living in the North.

Skaters: David Hermansson, Peter Johansson, Klabbe Andersson, Daniel Wårdh, Joel Gunnarsson, Olof Hörnesten, Flemming Pedersen, Slomo Andersson and Plankton Andersson.

Filmers: Daniel Wårdh, Philip Esse, David Hermansson, Peter Johansson
Editor: Daniel Wårdh
Photo: Lucas Englund

November 2, 2014

Skateboarding in La Paz

In Spring 2014 Kingswood’s close collaborators Simon Weyhe and Mathias Nyholm Schmidt went to Bolivia to make a documentary film about the creation of The Pura Pura Skatepark in La Paz, Bolivia.

Levi’s® Skateboarding has from the beginning been committed to support local skate communities. Through giveback campaigns all over the world that offer access to skateboarding, they aim to inspire and enable individuals to make their skate community stronger.

In spring 2014 Levi’s joined Endboss Projects and Make Life Skate Life and went to La Paz, Bolivia, to support Milton Arellano and his efforts to make skateboarding accessible to the greater skateboarding community.

More than 100 volunteers from over a dozen different nations were joined by professional skateboarders Al Partanen, Josh Mathews, David Gravette, Chet Childress, Joey Pepper, Dan Plunkett and Marius Syvanen to help build what is now one of the largest skateparks in all of South America.

See the glorious result of all the hard work in this short film by Simon Weyhe and Mathias Nyholm Schmidt.