November 10, 2014

Levi’s Skateboarding Berlin Blowout

In July 2014 we took over St. Agnes Church in Kreuzberg, Berlin to do a two day event for Levi’s Skateboarding. The purpose of the event was to introduce the Levi’s Skateboarding Collection to the media and to celebrate the Pura Pura Skatepark build in La Paz, Bolivia which Levi’s funded in the spring of 2014.

Inside St. Agnes Church, we built a pop-up skatepark and set up an exhibition of photos documenting the Pura Pura project. An open session with skaters from around the world went down during two days and peaked with a best-trick-for-cash contest. Outside in the yard, we set up a Bolivian style street kitchen and bar (which served our special ‘Bolivian Blowout’ beer created in collaboration with Mikkeller Beer) and a hang out area as well as a Bolivian pop-up shop selling gear to fund further development of the Pura Pura park. In the evening we screened the world premiere of the documentary film about the Pura Pura project and it all ended with a big celebration in the yard.

Concept: Kingswood and Victor Lieberath Studio, Production and organization: Kingswood, Creative direction and design: Victor Lieberath Studio, Event production: V.O Events, Skatepark design and construction: Yamato Living Ramps, Yard construction: Mellowpark Berlin, Photos: Marcel Weldman, Video: Simon Weyhe and Mathias Nyholm Schmidt.

St. Agnes Church Tower

St. Agnes Church Skatepark OverviewHirschi_fssollie_transferLevis_Skateboarding_Berlin_05

Above photo by: Leo PreisingerDaniel Pannemann_bs. smith grind_backsmithJonas Daater Bs. tailslide2

Above photo by: Alex SchuktuewJonathan Mehring Bolivia Photo Exhibition 01Jonathan Mehring Exhibit 02Levi's Skate FW14 Collection 01 Pura Pura ShopLevis_Skateboarding_Berlin_12171321Final three photos by: Alex Schuktuew