May 28, 2015

Levi’s Spot Delivery Project

In the autumn of 2014 a group of skaters and builders went on a road trip in an old double-decker bus through Germany, Belgium and France to build new DIY skate spots. As an extention to the tour and the initiative, Kingswood and VLS produced a 170 page book with photos, illustrations and text. The book was sent out to skateshops around Europe that carries the Levi’s Skateboarding Collection as free give-aways to their customers.

Production: Kingswood
Editor: Anders Lund
Art Direction and Graphic Design: Victor Lieberath Studio
Main Photographers: Joel Peck and Alex Schuktuew
Text: Max Beckmann
Illustrations: Stefan Scholten

Levis_Spot_Delivery_01 Levis_Spot_Delivery_07Levis_Spot_Delivery_09Levis_Spot_Delivery_08Levis_Spot_Delivery_02 Levis_Spot_Delivery_06 Levis_Spot_Delivery_03Levis_Spot_Delivery_04Levis_Spot_Delivery_05